Solberg Airport and Surrounding Communities -- 1950's and Today

Noise abatement is very important to Solberg Airport and surrounding communities. Aviation pioneer, Thor Solberg Sr., founded Solberg Airport in 1939. In 1941, the airport was officially licensed. The airport first existed with only a single, grass-runway and there were very few residents nearby. The picture to the left, shows the airport’s surroundings were in the 1950’s compared with a modern view of the area. As time has gone by and aviation technology has evolved, an additional grass runway was needed for crosswind operations and the main runway was paved. The main runway was extended to 1,800 feet and, in 1990, extended to its current length of 3,700 feet. Each runway modification has been met with fear, skepticism, and even some outrage, but the effect of each improvement has proven these fears to be unfounded. Solberg Airport has been part of this community for over 75-years. It is our home. We value and want to protect its character as much as you do.

Noise Abatement Procedures

Solberg Airport has established flight paths to reduce noise to the surrounding community. Pilots are asked to fly departures straight off each runway to 1000′ AGL (1200 MSL’). Our traffic patterns are left traffic at 1200′ MSL for piston and 1700′ MSL for turbine aircraft. See below for our departure paths and let us know via email or telephone if there is a noise issue.

Solberg Airport Flight Patterns

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