Save Solberg Airport

Fight Eminent Domain Abuse in New Jersey

Founded in 1941 by aviation pioneer Thor Solberg, Solberg Airport is a small general aviation airport located in central New Jersey. Since its founding, the airport has played an integral role in New Jersey aviation as well as a vital link in the United States transportation system. Over the past 65+ years, it has helped thousands of people realize their dream of flying an airplane as well as providing a home for hundreds of airplanes and airships.

Situated on 725 wide open acres in Readington Township, NJ, the airport provides a serene backdrop for everything from a family picnic to any one of the many events held at the airport annually. Readington township and the surrounding communities have been able to benefit immensely from the annual Easter bunny and Santa Claus fly-in events, as well as the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning, which is held every summer. In its 65 plus years of operation, the airport has provided much needed jobs and tax revenue.

In the spirit of its founder, the Solberg Airport is currently run by two generations of his heirs. His children: Thor Solberg Jr., Lorraine Solberg and Suzy Solberg Nagle maintain day to day operations with the help of their four children. It is a true family business and community airport. If Readington Township is successful in condemning the airport land, the annual events, the airships, and even the airplanes themselves will no longer be able to operate.

In 1985, Thor Solberg Sr. was inducted into the New Jersey hall of fame and it is the hope of the Solberg family and airport supporters that his legacy will live on at Solberg Airport.

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