Solberg Airport FBO Services

Less than 1-hour drive to the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, Solberg Aviation Co., Inc. provides full FBO services at Solberg Airport. We pride ourselves on our friendly and attentive customer service, but we also have ample hangar space, jet fuel and avgas, hotel-rates, rental cars, and much more. Whether it’s a quick turn or a based tenant, we are equipped to service both your corporate jet and Piper Cub. Normal hours are between 9am-5pm (sunset during summertime). After-hours call-out is available.

Make Solberg your airport of choice!

Why not base your aircraft at Solberg? Our location is perfect for you to access either New York or Philadelphia.

  • 18,000 sq ft of hangar space
  • 9,000 sq ft additional of storage space
  • Can fit aircraft up to 109′ wingspan and 26′ height
  • Rates on request–substantial discount to TEB/MMU/EWR
  • Current tenants include warbirds through jets
Solberg offers hourly, daily and monthly parking and tie-down on both hard and soft surfaces.
  • Ramp Fees only for Corporate & Charter Operators (can be waived with fuel purchase): $25 Piston / $50 Turbine
  • Hard Surface Tie-down: $86.00/Month
  • Soft Surface Tie-down: $54.00/Month
Current Pricing 11Nov2018 (Call ahead for volume and other discounts)
Jet-A Full Service
/ gallon
100LL Avgas Full Service
/ gallon
100LL Avgas Self Service
/ gallon
100LL Avgas Self Service (Pay with Phillips Card)
/ gallon

Own an airship? Want to watch an airship doing practice takeoff and landings? Did you know that Solberg Airport is home to many airships that visit the area?

Solberg is here to help! We provide many services, but if there is something else you think we can do, let us know! Some other services we can provide:
  • Corporate event facilities
  • Community events
  • Air charter
  • Rental cars
  • Hotel rates
  • Most important: Whatever service you need to make your experience at Solberg perfect

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