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Getting behind the controls of an airplane is exhilarating, especially the first time. Your first step on the journey towards becoming a pilot is to sign up for an introductory flight lesson. Solberg Airport has been the home to aspiring pilots in Central New Jersey since 1939. In that time, we’ve trained people from all walks of life. From high school students to retirees, from aspiring airline pilots to casual fans of aviation. We offer training from light sport aircraft through flight instructor and everything in between. As a Cessna Pilot Center, we use the tried and true curriculum developed by the Cessna Aircraft Company. Training always makes a great gift, be sure to checkout our online shop for gift certificates. When it comes to your training, choose the school that pilots have trusted and counted on for over 75 years!

Solberg Advantages

  • Glass panel, next-generation cockpit aircraft
  • 8 reliable training aircraft offers scheduling convenience
  • Light-sport (LSA) aircraft and training
  • Tailwheel and advanced training
  • Online flight schedule
  • Competitive rates
  • Convenient location
  • Perfect airport and airspace for flight training, No wasted time with ground delays

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Solberg Aviation Co., Inc. is a Cessna Pilot Center. We train primarily in Cessna aircraft using the methods and curriculum developed over decades by Cessna Aircraft Company. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standard by our Cessna Authorized Service Facility.

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Hear to what our students have to say

My father was a pilot and my fondest memories are flying with him, but I always wanted to learn to fly myself. I enrolled at Solberg and was able to fulfill my dream. I highly recommend everyone do the same. Their fleet of Cessna training aircraft are subjected to top-notch maintenance and the people are great to work with. The airport itself is wide-open and provides a perfect training environment. Schedule an introductory lesson at Solberg today, you won’t regret it!

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I have always wanted to learn how to pilot an aircraft. Sixteen years ago, I decided it was time. I walked into Solberg Airport and I immediately knew this is where I want to fly. I earned my private pilot certificate and have been coming to Solberg Airport ever since to fly their well-maintained rental aircraft. I fly at least once a week in their New Cessna Skycatcher. Solberg is more than just a flight school, it is a community of people. Even if the weather is down, I head over to Solberg and spend the day with my second family!

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What a gift Solberg Airport is to the community & the experience of flight! Solberg Airport exceeded my expectations beyond what I could’ve ever imagined. I am fortunate to be a part of the aviation community & grateful for the quality of experience that Solberg Airport provides…I consider Solberg Airport another home to me…I became part of this generational family owned ariport years ago & since have achieved my goals as a female pilot. It is a comfort still to be a part of the flying community with the Solberg family. The cost is reasonable for a priceless journey to earn such an honorable achievement! It is a life changing adventure and is vital to have the comfort & confidence of good quality instructors & equipment. “It is in the compelling zest of high adventure and of victory, and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys…” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Number of years Solberg Airport has been training pilots

Recent First Solos at Solberg

  • Brad Freeman, 3/24/18 (JMP)
  • Colleen Sweeney, 5/8/18 (GB)
  • Joe Bennett, 5/4/18 (JMP)
  • Kirk Rider, 6/7/18 (JMP)
  • Max Laszlo, 6/16/18 (CC)
  • Eva Kumpf, 8/29/18 (JMP)
  • Nirbay Kumar, 8/29/18 (JMP)

Recent Certificates and Ratings Earned at Solberg

  • Gabe Bergman, 3/12/18, Private Pilot (FD)
  • Rich Curry, 3/12/18, Private (FD)

Meet Our Flight Instructors

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