Cessna 172

1-Hour Introductory Flight Lesson in a 4-seat Cessna 172

$219.00 $199.00

Someday is Today!

Stop dreaming and start flying. Start your flight training now with a 1-Hour flight lesson in a Cessna 172.

The Cessna 172 the ultimate general aviation aircraft. It has been in production since 1956 and at Solberg, we have two for your scheduling convenience.


  • 1-Hour flying time with YOU at the controls (with guidance and instruction from your FAA Certified Flight Instructor)
  • Ground Instruction with your FAA Certified Flight Instructor — including an explained preflight inspection of your aircraft
  • Cessna 172 seats 4 people–bring one or two friends along to watch
  • Flight time will be logged toward your FAA Certificate in an included pilot logbook
  • Ideal for the person who is serious about pursuing their Private Pilot Certificate, but also makes a great give for all ages


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