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Dear Neighbor,

We wanted to thank the hundreds of people who showed up at the Township meeting last Monday

night to oppose the government takeover of Solberg Airport. It’s unfortunate that many were not

allowed in to participate.

Many of the residents who attended were concerned about the increased property taxes that will

result from more than doubling our town’s debt. They believe that we should have a public vote

before spending the tens of millions of dollars it would cost to purchase and run the airport.

Many others, however, felt that it was just plain wrong for the government to simply take away

your property.

Recently, we conducted a poll to learn how we can be better neighbors. We were pleased to

discover that the majority of residents in Readington are happy with things the way they are. Our

poll also showed that nearly 94% of the residents believe the Township Committee should have to

get approval from the voters before they spend millions of dollars to take away our business.

Sadly, the Committee does not agree.

But your voice is important. The Township has scheduled a new meeting for Monday,

August 22nd. It will be at the Holland Brook School at 7:30 P.M. Since the committee has

decided not to give you an opportunity to vote on this issue, we hope that you will attend

to speak out and let our elected officials know where you stand.

You will no doubt hear a great deal of misinformation in the coming days. But, please, know that

we are a part of this community and care a great deal about it. Our family has lived here for over

half a century. We have no intention of doing anything that will hurt Readington or damage our

special quality of life.

Thank you for your support.


Thor Solberg Lorraine Solberg Suzanne Solberg-Nagle