May 11, 2006

Dear Neighbor,

You’ve no doubt received a great deal of mail concerning Tuesday’s bond ordinance. We hope that

you will take the opportunity to hear our position since your decision on Tuesday will have dramatic

consequences for our family and yours.

For seventy years, our family has operated this airport. We’ve worked hard to be good neighbors.

Years ago, the government tried to make our airport into a regional jetport. We fought that plan

because we don’t believe that fits the needs and character of our community. We still oppose making

those kinds of changes to the airport.

But now you’re being told that we’re about to build a major expansion. We’re NOT. Documents from

the State of NJ confirm that no expansion will be allowed.

We recognize that many people are uncomfortable right now and don’t know what to believe. So to

back up our words, we have offered to place a deed restriction on the airport that will protect the

community forever. And we’ll seek alternative funding sources so that you won’t end up paying the

bill through higher municipal taxes.

We also pledge to make no changes at the airport while we resolve the issue permanently. Having to fight

over this issue time and again is tiring and expensive for all. We want a solution as much as you do.

Our airport is more than just our daily living. It’s a part of our family legacy and a part of America’s

history. And we do NOT want to sell any of it to anyone.

Only a Vote “NO” on Tuesday can stop the township from using eminent domain and beginning years

of litigation. Our family will lose family land and another piece of our shared history will be gone

forever. It will also mean that you’ll be paying millions of dollars for something you already have –

a guarantee that Solberg Airport will continue to be as good a neighbor in the future as it is today.

We hope you’ll be voting “NO” on Tuesday, for our sake and yours.

Thank you.


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