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How to Schedule

* The schedule is currently set to Read-Only while we transition from a paper system to computer system. You may view the schedule to check availability, but to schedule, please call (908) 534-4000 Ext. 1.

Scheduling Times

Lessons and rentals begin at 9:00 and operate for 1hr, 45min. This gives time for a 1.0-1.5 flight with pre-flight and post-flight briefings. The scheduler will automatically default to 105 minute blocks, but please make sure if you are also scheduling an instructor, that you select that instructor for the same time period. Rental and solo flights do not need to be as strictly adhered to the schedule below, but may be changed to meet the needs of the school, please plan accordingly.

  • 9:00-10:45
  • 10:45-12:30
  • 13:00-14:45
  • 14:45-16:30
  • 16:30-18:15 (Fall/Spring/Summer Only)
  • 18:15-20:00 (Summer Only)
  • Night blocks as directed


  • $50 Cancellation fee will be applied to cancellations with less than 24-hours notice
  • Lessons, rentals and solo flights are weather permitting
  • Introductory lessons and first time students must call (908) 534-4000 Ext. 1 to schedule
  • Bookings may be adjusted or moved to meet training requirements, always confirm your schedule
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Piper Cub Flight Training at Solberg

We are proud to offer the Piper Super Cub (PA-18-160) for tailwheel training at Solberg Airport. Get back to the basics of stick-and-rudder flying in the airplane that optimizes the glory days of aviation. Larry Higgins, CFI/CFII/MEI/AGI/IGI, offers a 3-hour course on the basics of tailwheel flying for anyone interested. For licensed pilots, a tailwheel endorsement course is offered. Why not turn your next biennial flight review into tailwheel endorsement? Training is also available on an hourly basis and makes an excellent gift for anyone.

Flying the tailwheel will reignite your passion for flying–Come on out and take a lesson in the Cub!

For more information: Master Tailwheel, Aircraft Details, Tailwheel Endorsement Course, 3-Hr Tailwheel Course

This Post Has One Comment

  1. I would like to fly twice a day in a Super Cub and get a tail dragger endorsement sometime between now and 7/24. I have 1,300 hours but no tail dragger time. I would come down and stay for a focused effort and the hoped for result. Please call me with a suggested plan and budget that would work best for you. I’m 55 so may require a few extra hours of training.
    Thank you very much, John 603-770-94895.

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